Gizmos Piercings

Body Piercing,after Care & Body Jewellery


Lobe $30 (2x 50)

Eyebrow $50

Nose $50

Navel $50

Smiley $50

Septum $60

Industrial $60

Tongue $ 60

Surface $60

Dermal $ 100

Dermal Removal $40

Cartilage $45 (2x 80)

Nipple $50 (2x 100)

Gizmos Nelson Aftercare
Spray $ 6

Jewellery Change $5

Only touch your piercing with clean hands remove crusties with solution soaked clean swab, avoid alcohol & nicotine, see your piercer asap if you get a rash or swelling, FREE verbal aftercare advice for life time of piercing, apply by spraying onto a swab or cotton tip, clean morning and evening or as directed by piercer. We recommend that you dont change your new piercing jewellery until its fully healed which is at least 2 months!.

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