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Lip $40

Nose $40

Single Lobe $30 Set of Lobes $40

Industrial $50 

Forward helix $40

Tragus $40

Helix $40

Anti tragus $40

Conch $40

Floating Helix $40

Navel $40

Daith $40

Snug $40

Rook $40

Nipple $50 R18 (ID Required)

Septum $50 R16 With parental consent

Smiley $40

Bridge $50

Eyebrow $40

Jewellery change $5-$10 (plus cost of jewellery) 

Aftercare Spray from $7-$14

Please note we can get SUPER busy on a Tuesday so best time to come is during the morning! We open at 10am! 

We do not offer Nipples or Septum piercing's after 3pm! 

Want some bling bling in your fresh piercing! We have loads of extras starting from just $5 

Please note: We do not take bookings on Tuesday's

Torture Tuesday: Welcome
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